Why to choose Barudan

Our experience.

Photo_machine_2_arrondieIn 1959, BARUDAN produced the first multi-head embroidery machine.

Since then, we have developed many high-value products and high quality service for worldwide distribution.

offers reliable embroidery equipments from single head to 56 head-machine, including sequin and chenille machines.


An advanced technology.Broderie_1_arrondi

With its service Research and Development”, there are now a wide range of products that meets all market expectations in terms of reliability, quality and profitability.

Our machines offer excellent stability and less vibration, whatever the embroidery speed. Similiarly, actuators offer increased power for heavy clothing and for more precise movements embroidery pantograph.


The quality.


Because a stitch is not only a stitch, we continue to produce equipment high quality embroidery using current technology, such as the direct drive of the needle.

And because you do not have to worry about your machine, you can concentrate on creative designs for your customers and your business!

Our service.sample_1_arrondi

Our first goal is to interact with the customer, to be his partner in the project.

The proximity of our agencies is conducive to efficiency, responsiveness and service delivery.